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    Post  Dc on Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:02 pm

    I have found the forum to be inadequately being supported, and this falls upon mike but after constant reminders, he has not come to aid this, so im taking matters into my own hands.

    This forum now requires 2 admins to continue the progression of this forum.

    Those who sign up must be around the region, understand the fundamentals of the following...

    - Arrange dates for meets and overlook its progress.
    - Must work in a co-operation management system.
    - Bring new topics and conversations to the forum.
    - Co-operate with myself towards the enthusiast network of groups.

    People who are interested in taking up this role must email me their details, including any experience they have had in these areas, failure to show any experience will result in your application being denied.

    The idea is two man management system, in which both co-admins must work together to boost members on the forum, arrange meets, and keep the atmosphere positive.

    This is a good chance for those who want to take up a challenge to bring more activity in the south and create meets such as like the YRF group and GBRail, amongst others.

    So if your interested then please do email me.

    If 2 co-admins are not found, the forum will be scrapped.

    Any Questions? Post in and ill reply as soon as possible!


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