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    Yrf Group Feat Dc - Northallerton - Sat 20th Jun


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    Yrf Group Feat Dc - Northallerton - Sat 20th Jun Empty Yrf Group Feat Dc - Northallerton - Sat 20th Jun

    Post  Dc on Sun May 10, 2009 5:40 pm

    Well this meet is not like any other meet i have done in my life!

    Reason is this meet has got the attention of many enthusiasts around!

    So why is this different?
    Firstly the topic has had over 800 views!
    Secondly the meet size is rather a large group!

    So who is YRF?

    Yorkshire Rail Fans Group is a group of young guys around York that reguarly go out and do railtours, and meets around the region. Dan the founder of YRF is a young guy that has admired my videos and requested me to join up for a meet in the past, in which it was his birthday and was hoping id join him and do a video bit. I accepted and had an amazing time seeing a GC power car attached to a NR set, and seeing that 3 times in one day! Not only that but the drivers, well after they saw us for the third time when we moved to the station from a location a few miles from it, they certainly put a screamtastic show!

    I understand that most of you may not be able to make this, but if u can u might wanna think about this.

    The Link below shows the thread about the details and what is going on about this, i strongly advise you to take a look at it.

    Let me know what u think about it!


    Yrf Group Feat Dc - Northallerton - Sat 20th Jun Dcyrf

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